Our Services


General Paediatrics

We attend and diagnose diseases of sick children in a gentle and professional way. We treat all kinds of infectious childhood diseases, like measles, mumps, and chicken pox. We are adept in prescribing all general medicine for children.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

We are trained to manage and evaluate a child who has a developmental or behavioral problem like dyslexia, difficulty writing, sleep disorder, feeding problems, enuresis, toilet habits, Cerebral Palsy, speech, motor skills and thinking ability, etc.

Adolescent Medicine

We handle patients who are between thirteen to twenty years old. These patients suffer eating disorders, obesity, drug abuse, behavioral issues. They also suffer from chronic headaches and pain in their abdomen; gynecology; transgender management and adolescent health.


We deal with the study of Rheumatism, Arthritis and other problems of the joints, muscles, and ligaments. The study includes the different causes, treatments, and medications. For instance, after consulting your problem to the Rheumatologist and knowing what food can trigger or cause arthritis you’re better off not eating the said food to avoid arthritis.


We hold expertise in the digestive system and the different disorders that can harm it. Symptoms like a bloated stomach would mean having a problem with the liver. Our gastroenterologist can help treat your liver problem after evaluating the symptoms.


We help patients restore their movement after being affected by an injury or illness or after having been disabled for quite some time. For instance, a person who was injured or has trouble walking or moving after the accident should be managed by a physiotherapist to restore his normal movement.

Sleep and Respiratory

Our team specialize in helping and treating patients suffering from sleep and respiratory disorders. We assess and evaluate if the said problems are caused by asthma, breathlessness, and snoring, coughing, insomnia. We also create the right treatment process that can help you overcome sleep and respiratory disorders.


We master the disorders of the nervous system. We fully know the appropriate treatment of the disorders that usually affect the nervous system. A patient suffering from seizure disorder like epilepsy needs the management of a Neurologist.


We deal with the study of behavior and the mind of a person to understand him better and to make him understand his behavior and way of thinking.


Our surgeons use manual or mechanical methods to examine thoroughly and treats a pathological condition brought about by injury or illness. Surgery is also a method used to improve body functions, improve appearance and repair some areas of the body like the nose.


Allergy is a body reaction or response to a substance which becomes hypersensitive. Some of these substances include food, medicines, pollen, fur, dust, lotion, powder and a lot more. We can expertly help patients get rid of their allergies.

Speech Pathology

We tend to patients’ communication and swallowing disorders. Our Speech Pathologist assesses and evaluates the condition of the patient to further prevent or alleviate communication and swallowing issues.