About Us



Mercy Children’s Clinic is a genuine instrument in providing primary health care services to children with or without a health insurance. Your dream of a healthy and “sick- free” environment where your children are kept healthy has made us organize different health care services that will attend to the immediate needs of the children, especially those without health care insurance.

Children from all walks of life will no longer be deprived of receiving and enjoying medical and health care services from competent and dedicated medical team.


Mercy Children’s mission focused on reaching out to all the children all over Tennessee. Our mission is to provide primary health care services to every child who deserves it. We also offer health care services to the less fortunate children who are not enrolled or who do not have health care insurance.

Mercy Children’s primary concern in providing health care services to the children have helped us detect early symptoms and signs of any illness or disease that a child will most likely suffer. The regular checkups and immediate treatment can prevent any illness to progress.

Mercy Children’s staff task is not only focused on improving the health of the children. We are also concerned with improving and molding the well-being of the children so that they will not only grow healthy and physically fit but also emotionally healthy and mentally strong. We are always ready to offer our services to those in need.


Children’s different needs as they grow become more intense. We’re not only considering their material and educational needs but also the need to be given the right health care services to make them grow healthy.

We believe and adhere that children’s right to be given exceptional health care services should never be taken for granted.

We believe that the mission and vision of the Mercy Children’s Clinic will only be achieved if everybody, including the business sector, government sectors, and non-government organization will extend their help to implement it. Everybody must be given responsibility to help the Mercy Children’s Clinic’s mission a dream come true.

We believe that children should be given equal rights to health services, whether they have a health care insurance or not and whether they come from the less fortunate population. We believe that healthy children are always happy and will never resort to drugs or other negative vices.

Children are considered the hope of every country; hence, we believe that raising healthy children will be every country’s pride and gem.

We want children to feel they are loved and cared always. This will help them grow up to be more responsible and compassionate citizens.